Paleo Mayo

This paleo mayo is a delicious addition to chicken salad, whitefish salad, sammies, and wraps. Yum!

This recipe was adapted from Nom Nom Paleo.

Not everyone loves mayo. But I am not one of those people. Homemade mayonnaise has a special place in my heart, and my chicken salad. Our dear friend, Chef Victor came to visit recently, and I asked him to show me how to make this splendid condiment. He obliged, and my life has been forever changed. Gone are the days of me wandering the aisles at the grocery store (well, that still happens... A LOT), wondering what kind of mayo to purchase. I'm not a big fan of mainstream "real" mayo, because it contains eggs and soy bean oil from goodness-knows-where (factory farms and genetically modified soy, anyone?). And the vegan variety just doesn't do it for me. So, what better way to know what kind of nourishment goes in your body? You guessed it! Make your own.

Make sure your ingredients are all at room temperature before you begin.

And patience, young grasshoppa. Mayo can be tricky. Add the first bit of oil sloooooowwwwwly. Like one drop at a time. Then you can start to add the oil a little faster, and the end result is well worth it. Bon appetit!


1 egg (organic, pasture raised, pretty please!) 1 egg yolk (organic, pasture raised, pretty please!) 1 cup of oil, divided (you can use light olive, melted coconut, avocado, macadamia, almond, or walnut...but note it WILL affect the flavor, so pick something neutral and/or a flavor your favor) Juice of half a lemon or lime (about 2-3 teaspoons) A generous pinch of salt One to two drops of doTERRA lemon essential oil

Optional ingredients: Kick it up a notch with some other flavorings like a teaspoon of mustard, some ground black or cayenne pepper, or other herbs and spices. When the mayo is made, add a few tablespoons of pesto for a ridiculously delicious aioli.


Place all the ingredients, except the oil, in a blender.

Mix on "medium" until all the ingredients are well blended.

Then begin to pour 1/4 cup of the oil, a couple drops at a time. The mayo will begin to emulsify.

Then slowly add the second 1/4 cup of oil (at about the same rate). Then add the last 1/4 cup of oil all at once. Continue to blend until the mayo has emulsified completely (another 30 seconds-ish).

Add any other salt or seasonings to taste, then transfer to a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid.

It's ready to eat, or you can leave it in the fridge overnight to let it thicken.

Use within a week of making.

Health Benefits:

Coconut Oil: Coconut is highly nutritious, rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Both modern and traditional medicine have recognized coconut as having antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Meanwhile coconut provides a nutritional source of quick energy, and can be used to enhance endurance and physical performance. Coconut is also soothing to the digestive tract, and aids in absorption of other nutrients within the body. See here for more health benefits and nutritional information.

Organic Eggs: (Preferably pasture-fed) Eggs are a good source of low-cost high-quality protein. They provide over 6 grams of protein (13% of the daily value for protein) each, and are a good source of choline, a key component of many fat-containing structures in cell membranes, which is particularly important for brain function and health. Eggs are also a rich source of tryptophan and selenium. See here for more health benefits and nutritional information.

Olive Oil: Olive Oil is packed phytonutrients including polyphenols. Most of the polyphenols in olive oil function as both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients in the body. When eaten in moderation, olive oil can be very beneficial to our gastrointestinal and cardiovascular health. See here for more health benefits and nutritional information.

Lemon: Lemons are vitamin C powerhouses. Great for immunity, vitamin C can also be helpful for preventing the development and progression of atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease. See here for more health benefits and nutritional info.

Lemon Essential Oil: Lemon oil has many properties including anticancer, antidepressant, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, and antioxidant. It is refreshing and invigorating, had can be used to help lower blood pressure, improve memory, ease sore throats and anxiety, help dissolve cellulite, boost energy, calm digestive problems, cleanse the lymphatic system cleansing, and promote a sense of well-being. It is also miraculous for removing grease, gum, oil, and unwanted marks and spots. See here to learn more about doTERRA essential oils.

*NOTE: Not all essential oils are created equal. I only use doTERRA because their oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, which is suitable for internal, external, and aromatherapeutic consumption.

*NOTE: All doTERRA Essential Oils are extremely potent. I’d recommend 1 drop per batch. Otherwise, just know that you will have a VERY strong-tasting snack!

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