Mahvelous Gift Guide 2013

Give your loved ones meaningful gifts this year, or just give them a hug and a kiss and tell them that you love them. 'Tis the season to be jolly! (Isn't it always?) To celebrate, here are a few gift ideas for your beloveds. Instead of buying a ton of things that our friends and family don't even need, that will likely end up in a landfill in a few years anyway, why not make your own gifts? And if that's not an option, here are a few other sustainable and/or experiential gift ideas that are sure to express your love and gratitude to the special folks in your life.

Just click on the image for more about each! May you have a blessed holiday season, surrounded by people you love, and who love you.

For Just About Anyone: doTERRA Essential Oils

Contribute to the health and well-being of your friends and family with doTERRA's certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. They can be used as personal fragrance, but can also help heal a host of other health conditions.

For the Poet: Handmade Journal

Katherine Loeffler (Full Disclosure: YES, she's my Mom. AND she is an extremely talented bookbinder) creates beautiful hand-made journals and other goodies. Check out her amazing selection of paper goods for the poets and dreamers in your life.

For the Eco Diva: Unique Handmade Sustainably Sourced Jewelry

Who doesn't love unique handmade jewelry. This artist sources her makins sustainably for eco-friendlier personal adornments.

For the Spiritual Book Worm:

Council of Light Book

For the Health Nut: Breville Juicer

Juice. One of the most nutritious and delicious substances there is. Have a health nut friend? They will be forever indebted to you for this gift! (Maybe they'll make you free juice for life!)

For the Chocolate Lover: Make Your Own Chocolate Bark

Make your loved ones some therapeutic chocolate bark! Try lavender macadamia or cinnamon with toasted almonds and dark cherries. Yum!

For the Chic Yogini: SENSE Clothing

For she who loves to live in yoga pants, but still wants to look glamorous at all times. SENSE's chic attire has beautiful lines and is like heaven to wear, from yoga mat and beyond!

For the Frazzled Friend: A Massage

There are few gifts that are more nourishing than a massage. Google spas and massage therapists in your area and make someone's holiday extremely special and relaxing!

For the Modern Correspondent: Eco-Friendly Hand-letter-pressed Stationery

Julia Fullerton is a beautiful and talented stationary designer. Check out her various hand-letter-pressed designs. All her stationary is made from 100% recycled paper! She even makes custom designs.

For the Special Someone: M.Y.O. Specialized Coupon Book

For that special guy (or gal!) in your life, make a coupon book of experiences you think they might enjoy. Also include household chore cards (because really, who wants to take out the trash and do the dishes ALL the time). You can also get a little more playful and add "favors," if you feel so, ahem, generous. It'll be perfectly tailored to them, and will absolutely be a gift they'll never forget!

For the Child: An Experiential Gift

The last thing a kiddo needs is more "stuff" to clutter their closet and mind. How about inviting them to experience something new and exciting? Here are a few ideas: teach them to bake a cake, take them on a "magical" forest adventure, or to your local zoo or aquarium. Get creative. What did you like to do as a child? Help them build memories of feeling inspired and loved.

For The Yogi/ni: Yoga with Me!

    I'm offering a slew of new yoga classes come the New Year, so why not give the gift of yoga? From punch passes to private sessions, I have offerings for everyone. Please get in touch for pricing information.

For Mother Earth: Make a Donation to the Pachamama Alliance

Do something nice for your Mother. The Pachamama Alliance combines indigenous wisdom and modern knowledge for a just, sustainable, and thriving world.

For Everyone Else: Make Your Own Candles

Who doesn't need a candle now and again? Personalize this gift with essential oils to suit the recipient's personality. It's super to easy to make your own, and you can even make extra for your own holiday gift!

What are your most memorable gifts? I'd love to hear! Happy holidays, and may you have many blessings in the New Year!