Lavender Macadamia Chocolate Bark

This chocolate bark makes and excellent Valentine's Day Gift...If it lasts that long. I recently made the dangerous discovery that it is extremely easy to make one's own chocolate bark. I find myself fantasizing about all the different flavor combinations one could make, all the toppings and essential oils one could include, to create supremely delectable confections. The possibilities are truly endless. I've tried a host of combinations and this one is a favorite. What's better is you will make someone's day (and save your burgeoning buttocks) if you hand deliver it to a friend's doorstep. Enjoy and they will too!


8oz dark chocolate mini chocolate chips

1 bar 70-88% organic fair trade bar chocolate, broken into small pieces (*note: the higher the cocoa content, the less sweet your finished product will be)

2/3-ish cup macadamia or hazelnuts, skins removed and coarsely chopped

1 drop doTerra lavender essential oil

*Optional: edible dried lavender blossoms and/or coarse sea salt for sprinkling


Line a 9x13 baking sheet with wax paper.

Heat a small saucepan over low heat. Place chocolate chips in the pan and melt slowly, constantly stirring to ensure even melting.

Add the chocolate bar pieces and stir until completely melted and smooth. Turn off the burner.

Add the drop of lavender essential oil and stir until well-blended. Mix in half the nuts.

Immediately pour onto prepared baking sheet. With flexible rubber spatula spread into an 8x10 rectangle about 1/4 inch-ish thick.

Sprinkle with remaining nuts and optional blossoms and salt.

Refrigerate (or put outside in the snow!) to chill until firm (about 30 minutes)

*Refrigerate up to 5 days (if it last that long…which it won’t).

*NOTE: Not all essential oils are created equal. I only use doTerra because their oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, which is suitable for internal, external, and aromatherapeutic consumption.

*NOTE: All doTerra Essential Oils are extremely potent. I’d recommend 1 drop per batch. Otherwise, just know that you will have a VERY strong-tasting snack!

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