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*Gift Certificates available!

Holistic Wellness Consulting: $75/hour
Whether you need support to lose weight, reduce stress, boost your immune system (or mood!), or simply to optimize your well-being, I can help! Together we'll assess your goals and create a plan to help you shine your brightest. PLEASE NOTE: I only work with clients who are ready to put in the work to manifesting their best health. Think of this as bootcamp for your entire being, but with lots of love and sparkles!

Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Image Consulting: $75/hour
Feeling frumpy? Revamp your style as a personal wellness tool! Using the wisdom of Ayurveda and the chakras (as well as my many years of fashion industry expertise) we'll boost your beauty power from the inside out. We'll talk nutrition and beauty tips for glowing skin, hair, teeth, and eyes!  We'll also identify your body type and style preferences and update your wardrobe to help you reclaim and unleash your inner god/dess. If you're missing a few key wardrobe items, we can even go shopping (this can be tailored to ANY budget!). Need the perfect look for a special occasion? Wedding? Business meeting? First date? I can hardly wait to help.

*This makes a great gift, for yourself, or anyone you know (man or woman!)who still wears socks with sandals. ;)

Home Energy Assessment and Clearing: $75/hour
Does your home feel loving, warm, and inviting? Do you feel happy, peaceful, and supported? If not, I’ll come over and assess the energy, identify where it flows and stagnates, and clear your space of negative energy. I’ll also offer you simple tips to de-clutter, organize, and appoint your home to inspire you to live your happiest, healthiest, and most creative life!

Yoga Therapy: $75/hour
Have chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, or just want to up your yoga game? This is the perfect kind of session for you. We'll can practice asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation, and more to help you gain confidence and wellness, both on and off the mat!

Chakra Therapy: $75/hour
Whether you have imbalances in just one, a few, or all of your chakras (energetic centers), even a single chakra therapy session can help. We'll employ ancient healing techniques (including Reiki, laying on of stones, aromatherapy, visualization, and others), to cleanse and recharge your chakras, bringing them all into alignment. You'll leave feeling energized and refreshed!

Chakra Reboot: $500/ 8 sessions
Let's rebuild your health and well-being from the foundation. Over the course of these eight sessions, we'll clear and recharge each chakra. Plus I'll offer you chakra-specific nutrition and self-healing techniques that you can apply on your own. This program will boost your vitality and give you the tools you need to restore and maintain your well-being, in body, mind, and spirit!

"Love Punch" Pass: Mix and match your favorite modalities to tailor a healing plan or lifestyle reboot to fit your needs! To be used on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for optimal results!
$275/4 sessions
$500/8 sessions

*Gift Certificates available!


The advice given during our sessions is for guidance purposes only. As my client, you retain the right to use such advice according to your own discretion and your own personal circumstances.  All final decisions and actions that you make are your sole responsibility. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention from your doctor or professional healthcare provider.