Grilled Veggies Chickpeas and Pesto (a.k.a. the easiest lunch ever)

Toss some leftovers in a bowl, swirl with pesto, and voilá! Lunch! I love pesto. So much that I often snag a spoonful from the jar all by itself. But when I feel like not being a barbarian, and actually putting a full three minutes into lunch preparation, pesto of any variety (cilantro, basil, or arugula...whatever you have on hand) is quite a treat when mixed in with veggies and beans.

If you're on the Paleo diet, then you can replace the beans with diced chicken or hard boiled egg for protein. It works with just about any type of grilled or sauteéd veggie you have on hand. What's your favorite combo? Bon appétit!


1 cup of chopped sautéed or grilled veggies, diced (for this batch I used grilled zucchini and carrots) 1/3-1/2 cup garbanzo beans (or the beans of your choice) 2 tbs. pesto of your choice (I used basil pesto) Salt and pepper to taste


Stir all ingredients in a bowl.

Serve and enjoy!